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Become a part of world history and support Ukraine's humanitarian and resistance efforts by purchasing one of NFT pieces from Ukrainian artists. Each collection has a unique story and cause. Join our community to connect with artists and people working on the ground.


Ukraine Wins!

Join Lia (5) in helping Ukraine stand! Lia is staying in Kyiv with her parents as of early March 2022. Her paintings portray her trust in Ukraine's victory and mock the invaders. Post-processing and animation by Theor Ye @theor_ye and Maryam Tohidi @photohidi. The proceedings go to support local defense units in Kyiv and Kyiv region with helmets, bullet proof vests, boots, and first aid kits.

Ukrainian Fine Smoothie

Everyone from a high schooler to a grandma is training as a barista in Ukraine. Join Ukrainian mixology club and help local resistance units to stand by providing supplies of walkie-talkies, bullet-proof vests, night vision devices, and first aid kits. Artwork by Yarko Filevych (Lviv). The artist donates 95% of the proceeds to the cause.


Monday March 7th, 7PM PST







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Miroslava's Protector Creatures

Despite their disturbing appearance, all creatures Mira brings into existence are kind. According to her, these creatures are protectors who suffered from violence while defending children. Host one of Mira's creatures to make this world safer for mothers and their children affected by the war! The proceeds will go to Isida maternity clinic, Kyiv (95%) and to the artist (5%).


Friday March 4th, 7PM PST




150 Matic



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Art of Maryna Solomennykova

Maryna @marinoss_art is an artist based in Dnipro, Ukraine, working with Tubik Studio @tubikstudio. Through her work of last weeks, which she's been creating in-between air raid alarms, she aspires to share the truth about the war, these tragic and hard times that united people of Ukraine together. She wants to use her art to support our army and people in need morally and financially. The proceeds are distributed by the artist.

Comic strips of Yarko Filevych

A pictorial story of Ukrainians’ fight for independence. Become part of the story by supporting the frontier of freedom! The proceeds will be channeled for support of Ukrainian community defense units by providing supplies of walkie-talkies, bullet-proof vests, night vision devices, and first aid kits. Artwork by Yarko Filevych (Lviv), Instagram: @yarkofilevych.

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Dima Lituiev

(born in Donetsk, Ukraine) works in medical informatics by day. He co-founded and led Music4Ukraine non-profit during the first Russian-Ukrainian war of 2014.

Konrad Gnat

Blockchain and full-stack developer based in San Francisco. As a citizen of the world he feels strongly it is his duty to do all that he can to fight for the human rights and democratic freedom of Ukraine in this critical time.

Maya Tohidi

Artist, technologist and founder of Inspir.ED Atitlan, Maryam grew up in Iran during war. With this project she hopes to honor the courage and resilience of the children making bold and inspiring wartime art.

Yarko Filevych

A graphic designer and comic book author who lives in Western Ukraine. Yarko creates posters and illustrations for numerous magazines, websites, and events.

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